In Commemoration

The development of this exhibition in these tumultuous times is founded on multiple intersecting motivations, primary amongst them is the urge to collectively make sense of the sprouting of femme and queer led resistances blooming synchronously over the last two years, across the world. India, too, witnessed a sustained period of protest starting December 2019 in response to changes in citizenship laws, seeing women-led protests emerge across the country. These changing laws are a significant move forward in the governing regime’s desire for a hindu-nationalist state, fervently targeting minorities and dissenting voices. In reflecting, it has been important to us that we acknowledge the long lineages in which these movements sit, and to honour those who have fought before us. Artists in this formation have created moments of bearing witness and holding space for those who have faced the greatest losses in these struggles for autonomy and self-determination. Through multiple modes of commemoration, from direct representation to senatorial experience, we consider the plural possibilities of healing a fissured world.