Spatial Dialogues


Martand Khosla

Abhimanyu Dalal + Ayesha Singh

Madhav Raman + Parul Gupta

Ravindra Gundu Rao + Shruti Mahajan

  • Can a door speak to the sky?
  • Can barbwires speak to the land?
  • Can the demolished city ever speak to the complete plan?
  • Do the cartographies of our lives eventually exist as dust or as loom or as languages?
  • Do mirrors only like speaking to light?
  • Are maps, always, invincible squares? Or do they quiver sometimes?

Architect, Bernard Tschumi, explores the idea of architecture as a set of events, which we experience, imagine, create or live with. Tschumi's formulation of ‘architecture as event’ can be extended to this exhibition that has been built from a set of conversations, experiments and affects between artists, architects and artisans.

Martand Khosla



Martand Khosla, has a conversation with his own architectural self, posing the issues of what the square accommodates, deletes or builds upon. In his architectural practice, Martand is also in constant conversation with the city, its scales, its squares and its people. Embedded in a strong sense of the material, he works with wood, brick dust and metal—the elements with a ubiquitous and ethereal presence in the built environment of our cities.

Though Martand claims that his conversation is with himself as an architect, his work traverses the terrains of labour, working-class settlements, housing issues and the craftspeople he works with in his practice. It is the resonance of these conversations that speak to and flow back into his work. Is Martand’s work then a call for revolution, an event to change the world?

Regime of Squares I & II, Brick dust and wood, 48 x 48 inches each, 2020

Maximum Capacity V, Steel and wood, 55 x 55 x 8 inches, 2020

Abhimanyu Dalal + Ayesha Singh



Ayesha Singh and Abhimanyu Dalal come together to create a syntagmatic sequence of languages, materiality and light in their collaborative work. Ayesha has diligently identified over a 100 languages with written scripts and included alphabets from recently developed scripts by enmeshing these with older scripts.

Ayesha and Abhimanyu’s installation of an inversed pyramid generates a room of spoken words, floating through the light and attacking the favourability of the written over the spoken. Arabic, Brahmi, Devnagiri, Bodo, Khasi, English and many other languages refract and generate new encounters of the spoken and the written.

It is as if the words begin to speak, as one walks through the installation, swirling sometimes gibberish, sometimes sensibilities, meanings and codes about the world around us. How does one work with the spoken, when it has no written?

Inversion, incision, immateriality, Panels and light, 118 x 118 x 101 inches, Ed 1/3 + 1AP, 2021

Madhav Raman + Parul Gupta



Parul Gupta engages in a jugalbandhi with the architect Madhav Raman. Their work is more a process than a finished art piece, emerging from their calibrations of light, mirrors and reflections as also of the voids created by each of these. Is their work of art an object or an event, or is it both?

Metaprism, Laminated Glass, glue & plywood, 81 x 65.6 x 51 inches, Ed 1 of 3 + 2AP, 2021

Ravindra Gundu Rao + Shruti Mahajan



Shruti Mahajan has been in conversation with architect Ravindra Gundu Rao for about 20 years now. Starting from the ghats of the River Reva (Narmada) in Maheshwar, their warp and weft conversations have been crafted across different frames of thinking and materials.

Shruti, being an artist with a deep interest in textiles, renders her frames of the river and the undulating steps of the ghats by reading shadows, light and life. She renders them in sketches, in textiles woven with deep and long friendships with the weavers of Maheshwar, who have walked the same spaces, lived with the same textures, walls and pathways as she had in the Holkar wadas of Maheshwar.

Does the ripple and surge of the flowing river come to rest in stillness of the cloth, or does it continue in ongoing conversations?

Continuities of Construction – Fabric Installation, Warp - 20-22 denier single silk; wefts - 80's single cotton, 2/120 mercerized cotton, 20-22 denier single silk, wood, copper and nylon thread, Variable dimensions (20 panels), 2021

Zoom talks | 16th April

Conversation between the artist and architect Martand Khosla with Principal Designer, Iram Sultan Design Studios - Iram Sultan

Artist Shruti Mahajan and Architect Ravindra Gundu Rao with writer, curator - Mayank Mansingh Kaul

Zoom talks | 21st April

Conversation between the artist Parul Gupta and architect Madhav Raman with Founding Partner, Red Architects - Rajiv Parekh

Artist Ayesha Singh and Architect Abhimanyu Dalal with Founding Partner, Red Architects - Rajiv Parekh

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