Puja Mondal, Untamed Unattended
DCAW | 2021

Anoli Perera | Baaraan Ijlal | Divya Singh | Karan Shreshta | Neerja Kothari | Omer Wasim | Puja Mondal | Samanta Batra Mehta | Sangita Maity | Tayeba Begum Lipi

8th - 15th April 2021
At Bikaner House

Organized by seven Delhi based galleries, DCAW focuses on contemporary art, showcasing a new wave of South Asian artists under one roof. With a new and innovative approach to programming, spread over an 8 day period, this years DCAW will be interspersed with didactic talks, walkthroughs and a range of activities for art collectors and enthusiasts including a musical evening at Bikaner House.